Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

By Sydney Schultz


As Christmas quickly approaches, Seton students are anxiously waiting to get out of school for the holidays and spend quality time with family and friends. There is an endless amount of activities in which to participate and in which to get involved in Cincinnati, especially during the Christmas season. Many students take part in annual family traditions each holiday season as well.

A recent email survey to all Seton students showed that some of these holiday traditions included traveling around Cincinnati to visit various places. A few of these places are the Krohn Conservatory, The Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo, Perfect North Slopes, and the Duke Energy Center train display.

Other ways that students spend their holiday are by baking, going ice skating, shopping, looking at Christmas lights, Christmas caroling, and volunteering. One student even visits the hospital with her mom to give food and toys to the sick children there.

Students were also asked if they had any special family traditions. Some of the responses were inviting relatives over from out of town, decorating their Christmas tree as a family, and attending Mass. One student eats biscuits and gravy every Christmas morning.

A few students even watch movies on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Some of these movies are Home Alone, The Night before Christmas, and A Christmas Story. Cuddling up by the fire, sipping on hot chocolate and watching movies with family is always a blast.

Senior Loretta Blaut reflects on her family traditions. She said, “My family tradition has been around since before I was born. Every year my family watches the really old Rudolph together and it just makes it feel like Christmas in my house. We laugh at the animations, but the story is a classic and I love my family tradition.”

Vacationing is also something a few students do over the holidays. A few students are traveling to Florida over break and one student is going to Detroit, Michigan. A few others are just visiting family and friends who live in the nearby states, Kentucky and Indiana.

Good luck with exams this week, enjoy your family traditions, and have a wonderful Christmas!

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