Highlights of 2013

Highlights of 2013

By Katie Lehan


Two thousand thirteen was certainly an exciting year for the Seton community..  There were numerous celebrations as well as not so joyful events, each that held certain significance to the students and staff of Seton.  Take a look at just a few of the many recaps of the busy 2013 calendar year.



  • January- Students, teacher Al Kovacic and other chaperones attended the March For Life in Washington, DC on January 25.


  • January- Clare Harris delivered her baby boy, Patrick.


  • February-The varsity dance  team proudly brought home the 3rd place trophy for their pom routine at the UDA Nationals competition in Orlando, Florida.


  • April- Seton and Elder Performed an effective and eye opening mock crash right outside of the two schools as part of a “Don’t Text and Drive Campaign.”


  • May- Seton participated for the third time in Pantene Beautiful Lengths cut, where more than 360 people donated ponytails that go towards making wigs for cancer patients.


  • May- Senior Loretta Blaut won State for High Jump


  • June-Seton students and staffs took part in mission trips- Guatemala, Liberty, Kentucky, Evansville, Indiana,


  • August- In the first week of school the students and staff at Seton experienced the first days of the new schedule; a four period day and a three period day were added to the traditional 7 period day week.  The professional learning communities as well as the freshman focus classes were implemented as part of the new Seton schedule.   And Seton welcomed new staff members Christine Turpin, Christy Schutte, Jessica Leonard and Tara Schutte.


  • August- The students and staff at Seton participated in their first all-school Service Day that coincided with the all-school reads Still Alice, Out of My Mind, and Icy Sparks which were about several different psychological illnesses.


September- The students and staff of Seton participated in their third annual all-school walk raising money for Seton Helping Saints

  • September-Seton celebrated their 2nd Annual Homecoming Week.


  • October-Seton’s very own Principal, Mrs. Donna Brigger, celebrated her 60 birthday!


  • October- Maggie Busam delivered her 2 boys, Samuel and Jack.


  • November- Seton received the $25,000 grant that they won as a result of coming in the top 25 schools in the nation in the Celebrate My Drive pledge contest.


  • November- Sixteen Seton students and three staff members attended the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis and joined 23,000 other teenagers from the United States and six other countries to pray, exchange ideas and participate in service projects over a four day period.


  • December-Seton celebrated as they watched Math teacher, Scott Brauch´s double showcase win on the Price Is Right


  • December- The swim team won Best of the West for the fifth year in a row.


This past year was certainly an interesting one, filled with a lot of accomplishments and celebrations within the Seton Community.  Let’s hope that 2014 will be an even bigger and better version of 2013!   

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