How to Properly Wrap a Christmas Present

How to Properly Wrap a Christmas Present

By Ally Kampel

 present (1)

 The holiday season is a time for giving, and even though it’s a busy time, beautifully wrapped gifts are a must.

The first step in wrapping Christmas presents is removing all price tags from the gift.  When a person opens their gift, seeing a price tag is definitely a wrapping faux pas.   Choosing the right box for your gift will help you achieve clean cuts and perfect corners.  Gather scissors, double sided tape, and wrapping paper, and place the box on a sturdy surface.  A key step for a perfect present is measuring exactly how much paper you need on each side.  Once you have the perfect paper size, cut the paper and place the gift face down on it.  Tape the wrapping paper to the sides of the gift, fold the corners creating a triangle, and fold straight over. For a traditional wrap, add ribbon across the top and sides and tie to form a bow.  Adding tiny bells or a snowflake next to the bow is a nice holiday touch.

For a modern wrap, try “going green” by reusing and recycling natural materials. Using newspaper to wrap a present is a cute, unique way to save money and paper.   Natural decorations, such as holly, fresh pines, or natural fabrics like burlap can replace a store bought bows and look festive too. Also, there is recyclable wrapping paper in many stores.  

If Christmas is sneaking up on you, and there is just not enough time to wrap your presents, there are always nice Christmas bags!

Merry Christmas and happy wrapping!

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