Reasons Seton Staff is the Best

Reasons Seton Staff is the Best

By Rachel Richter

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As high school students, we often tend to complain about school.  However, when you take a step back and think about Seton, we have a truly great education.  Seton offers endless opportunities and possibilities to its students.  One of the most remarkable aspects of Seton High School is the faculty.

They push students beyond their comfort zones.

Seton High School introduces students to endless opportunities and possibilities, and the staff plays a large role in this.  Whether in or out of the classroom, we are constantly being pushed to try new things, put ourselves out there, and get involved in the world.  For example, math teacher Mrs. Childers is popular for her engaging classroom setting in which she constantly encourages her students to collaborate with one another and learn from each other.  Mr. Villing pushes students beyond their comfort zones in his history classes by holding regular debates and in-class speaking assignments. The staff does a great job at pushing their students in a fun and engaging way.

They add humor and fun to the school day.

The staff gives Seton a welcoming environment where the students feel at home.  Staff members brighten my day on a daily basis with their humor and engagement.  Math teacher Mr. Brauch is known for his enthusiastic optimism, constant cheerfulness, and popular advice to “make it a great day.”  Social studies teacher Mr. Schroeder tells humorous and unforgettable daily anecdotes, religion teacher Mr. Green dresses up as various Bible characters, and English teacher Mr. Kellerman passionately teaches his lessons with dramatic lectures that often involve yelling down the hallway or standing on desks.  Outside of the classroom, Main Office Administrator Mrs. Roos engages students during the Christmas season with Sally Seton, the Elf on a Shelf.  The simple things the staff does on a daily basis helps make school a little more fun.

They want students to do well.

Contrary to popular opinion, when teachers assign homework, tests, and papers, they are not trying to punish us.  Rather, they simply want us to learn, do well, and receive a good education.  If a student is struggling in a class, the teacher will notice and try to help that student.  This is something that I think makes the staff here special.  English teacher Mrs. Hollenbach is always willing to edit students’ papers and offer her advice.  Similarly, English teacher Mr. Collins emphasizes that his door is open before and after school to have English discussions and answer questions.  Not only do teachers meet with students daily before and after school, but guidance counselors are also available and willing to help any student at any time.  Guidance counselor Mrs. Fitz explains, “We are happy to meet with students and/or parents at any time.  Please feel free to email or call to set up an appointment.”  When it comes down to it, the staff wants students to do well.

They spread holiday cheer.

From Halloween to Valentine’s Day, the staff is constantly spreading holiday cheer around the school.  Decorations around the school for various holidays brighten the days of students and staff.  Spanish teacher Mrs. Corey encourages her students to celebrate the Spanish holiday, Day of the Dead, with festive decorations around the school.  Christmas trees and decorations are placed around the building during the Christmas season and staff members dress in ugly Christmas sweaters.  The little things the staff does can make all the difference in making someone’s day.

They truly care about students.

Demonstrated by the kindness of the staff at Seton, I know that they truly care about the students.  Mr. Villing will notice when a student is struggling or having a bad time, and will often ask how the student is doing.  If he feels like a student is not acting like herself, he will take the time to pull a student off to the side just to see if she is alright.  Chemistry teacher Mr. Heil also demonstrates her genuine care and concern for students through what he calls “special days” and “special moments.”  Amidst the rigorous courses he teaches, he never fails to occasionally take some time to stop and slow things down.  He uses this time to allow his students to get closer with God, each other, and themselves.  Moments such as these emphasize the core of Seton, which is our faith and God.


In these ways and more, the staff at Seton is remarkably unique in that they truly care.  The teachers and administrators at Seton care about students, learning, and the overall experience of school.  I am so thankful that the staff is so willing and ready to help students, and I think that the staff at Seton is the best.

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