The Fight to the Finish

The Fight to the Finish

By Alyssa Lyons

lyons triatholon

The stamina of swimming, the urge to keep pedaling and the motivation to keep running are all struggles in which one goes through while participating in a triathlon.  On Sunday December 15, 2013, Seton swimmers Seniors Lizzie Bruewer, Maggie Freudiger, Madison Luebbers, Katelyn Walter and juniors Maggie Thiemann and Ashley Grooms and I participated in a triathlon to benefit a local

non-profit organization, Girls on the Run. The triathlon was put together by Seton health and wellness teacher Jessica Leonard.

The triathlon occurred at the Mercy Health Plex on Boudinot Avenue  It consisted of ten minutes of swimming, twenty minutes of biking, and fifteen minutes of running/walking. As an athlete, I did not consider how much work one puts into completing a triathlon.

Throughout the winter season, I participate on the varsity swim team. Swimming is a difficult and rewarding sport. This sport works every muscle in the body, which allows ones endurance to increase till the end of the season. Going into the triathlon I knew that completing the swimming portion would be easy, since I practice every day. Entering into the water for a timed swim of ten minutes, I planned to at least surpass a 500 meter swim. Hitting the five hundred mark, my arms grew tired. In the end, I finished with a 625 meter swim. Next up was biking.

After swimming, participants had ten minutes to change into dry clothes and get upstairs to the spinning room. This was the portion of the race that surprised me the most. I have always enjoyed biking; it is a relaxing exercise activity. Setting up the seat to my height, I was getting anxious to start pedaling. When our instructors said go, I began pedaling at a moderate fast pace. Reaching eighteen minutes, I was at 9.8 miles. Having my whole team behind me, they encouraged me to keep pedaling. When I hit the twenty minute mark I finished with 10.5 miles. Last up was the running portion of the triathlon.

Beginning my last event, I was proud of how much I had accomplished thus far. As the team and I lined up on our treadmills, Leonard screamed GO! And we were off.  I set my treadmill at a moderate pace-I didn’t want to push it too fast so I would have enough energy for the full fifteen minutes.  After I finished my first mile I had about five minutes left. I wanted to see how far I could go before the final buzzer went off. I kept running, and by the end I finished with 1.3 miles.

In the end, I am very happy with my results. Overall I placed 47 out of 71 participants. It is also humbling to know that the Seton swim team was able to sponsor an individual for GOTR, donating over two hundred dollars. After participating in this triathlon, I realize that this is something that I will continue in the future. Thanks to Seton alum and teacher, Jessica Leonard for putting together the triathlon at the Mercy Health Plex.




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