Winter Fashion

Winter Fashion

By Kaylie Brown


Fall is long gone. The winter weather has officially taken over and it might be time for another shopping trip. Every winter, the usual fashions such as fur accessories, bubble coats, cashmere sweaters, and leather boots are worn for their classic taste, but what else will be seen on girls and on the store racks this winter?

Skirts this winter are a regular item in stores, especially in the new famous styles, which include shirttale skirts and the skirts that have notches on the front or side. As far as the prints and fabrics go, the plaid or checked skirt is back, (not like a pleated uniform skirt), in darker colors and with thick warm fabric perfect for winter. Since velvet is a classic winter fabric, velvet skirts are also being sold in all different types of styles in stores. Skirts so far this winter have mostly been styled with tights and tall boots. These skirts can commonly be found in stores such as Forever 21, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Madewell, J.crew, and Nordstrom.

Puffer vests and lengthy coats are hot this winter. The lengthy coats can vary; whether it’s a fitted trench coat for nice occasions or a bubble parka jacket just to keep warm, they are a must have. These long coats will look best if you’re wearing a skirt or dress shorter than the length of the coat, or if you’re wearing tighter pants. Puffer vests that are meant for more of a nicer outfit (that aren’t large and bubbly) are also in style and can be put on top of sweaters, flannels, long sleeved shirts, and sometimes long sleeved dresses.

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, it’s time to go out and get something fun and festive to wear! Just about every store will have articles of clothing you can add to your outfit to make it pop for the holiday. Stores will have all of the sequenced, metallic, and sparkly clothes and accessories. Senior Samantha Goodwin said, “I can’t wait to go shopping for my New Years outfit!  I’m going to Urban Outfitters this year to find something really cute with either sequences or a metallic look.” Two articles of clothing that will be most in style this year are metallic skirts and sequenced crop tops (not worn together at the same time) which you can definitely find at Forever 21.

Overall these are just some of the trends that are popular this winter and might be worth a try!


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