Basketball Team Busy Over Break

Basketball Team Busy Over Break

By Taylor Morano


Seton Varsity Basketball had a very break with a total of six games. On Saturday, December 21the Saints defeated Glen Este at Glen Este’s home gym with a score of 58-55. The Saints knew this was going to be a tough game from the beginning and put in full effort throughout the entire game. Senior Loretta Blaut had a total of 17 points and sophomore Stefanie Autenrieb earned 12 points for the Saints. Blaut had an amazing 16 rebounds which included 6 offensive rebounds and 10 defensive rebounds. The Saints had a 45.1 % field goal shooting percentage, 12.5 % from three point shots, and 61.1 % from the foul line making a total of 11 out of 18 foul shots. After this game the Saints had a decent record of 6-2 and worked hard to prepare for their next game against East Central Trojans.

On Friday, December 27 the Saints put up a hard fight against the East Central Trojans losing by only 7 points with a score of 56-49. This was a very intense game. Autenrieb had a total of 13 points and Blaut was not far behind with a total of 13 points.  Blaut had 13 rebounds and 3 blocks which included 7 offensive rebounds and 6 defensive rebounds. Autenrieb put a stop to the Trojan offense by having a total of 5 steals. The Saints had a 37.0 % field goal shooting percentage, 50.0 % from three point shots making 4 out of 8 three point shots, and 61.1 % from the foul line.

On Saturday, December 28 the Seton Saints swept away Hamilton at Hamilton, defeating them by 18 points with a score of 67-48. Blaut was yet again leading scorer with a total of 18 points. Freshman Kelly Byrne and sophomore Maddie Morgan each had a total of nine points which helped lead the Saints to a victory. Blaut and Autenrieb crashed the boards with ten rebounds each keeping Hamilton from scoring. The Saints had a 36.2 % field goal shooting percentage, 28.6 % from three point shots, and 81.3 % from the foul line making an impressive total of 13 out of 16 foul shots. After this game the Saints record improved to 7-3.

On Sunday, December 29 the Saints were defeated by Lakota West at Lakota West with a score of 61-39. Leading scorers were senior Tori Scholl and Sophomore Stefanie Autenrieb, each with a total of 9 points. Blaut was yet again the number one rebounder with a total of eight rebounds and three blocks. The Saints had a 39.5 % field goal shooting percentage, 40.0 % from three points shots, and 50.0 % from the foul line making a total of 7 out of 14 foul shots. In total, the Saints had 31 rebounds, 12 assists, 7 steals, and 4 blocks.

On Saturday, January 4 the Saints played Hughes High School in what was a very close game. The Saints lost by one basket with a close score of 58-56. Blaut was leading scorer with a total of 21 points and senior McKenzie Downey with a total of 10 points. The Saints had a total of 41 rebounds, 16 assists, 6 steals, and 4 blocks. However, the Saints also had 19 turnovers which could have been the reason that cost them the game.

On Tuesday, January 7 the Saints played a hard fought game against Ursuline Academy. The Saints lost with a final score of 58-46. Leading scorer was Stefanie Autenrieb with 13 points. Not far behind was Loretta Blaut with 11 points. The Saints had a 35.0 % field goal shooting percentage, 25.0 % from three point shots, and 58.3 % from the foul line.

The Varsity basketball team has two games next week. The next game will be Monday, January 13 at Bethel- Tate at 6:30 PM.  The following game will be Thursday, January 16 against the Mohawks. This is a home game  at 7:30 PM.




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