Junior Movie Night Rescheduled

Junior Movie Night Rescheduled

By Molly Kraisinger

Molly- junior movie

Junior student council planned a fun movie night for their entire grade to be held on Thursday, January 2 in the auditorium, but due to the bad weather it had to be canceled.  With the roads frozen, student council had to reschedule it for the upcoming weeks.  In order to spread the word of the cancellation, junior Leigha Kreamer, Junior class president, tweeted, “Juniors the movie night is canceled!!! Please spread the word!!! THANKS.”  Kraemer said, “We are planning on watching Pitch Perfect or a movie like that!”  At this time, the date has yet to be determined for the Junior movie night, but according to Kramer it will be in January.  Juniors should check their emails for the date and time.  .Student council will provide pizza, snacks and drinks for all the students.  This movie night will be a fun way to get the junior class together for some class bonding.

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