The Cincinnati Shiver

The Cincinnati Shiver

By Molly Brauch


With the extremely cold temperatures that greeted the Tri-State this past Monday and Tuesday, most Seton students were happy to have an excuse to stay inside. High schools, grade schools, and colleges alike all across the Tri-State area were shut down because of the brutal temperatures. Although the temperature was marked at around 8 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday, the wind chill reached as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit in some places. In such bitter cold temperatures, it is possible to develop frostbite in ten to thirty minutes if not dressed properly. Such temperatures make seemingly simple tasks such as walking a dog or cleaning off a car dangerous and even fatal. Needless to say, many residents of Cincinnati were thrilled to see warmer and safer temperatures arrive on Wednesday and Thursday. “I would have never thought that 30 degrees could feel like a heat wave!” remarked Seton sophomore Monica Lape on Wednesday. Lucky for winter-wary Cincinnatians, the temperature for Sunday is slated to reach a high of 48 degrees Fahrenheit, and the warm trend will continue with weather in the fifties for Monday and Tuesday (topping the charts with an expected high of 55) and the mid to high forties through at least Thursday of next week. While it may not be time for bathing suits and sunscreen yet, the milder temperatures will at least bring some warmth into this chilly season.

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