Beautiful Lengths makes Top 10 on Catholic Telegraph

Beautiful Lengths makes Top 10 on Catholic Telegraph

By Ally Kampel


Seton’s Beautiful Lengths was voted to be the top seventh story in The Catholic Telegraph for 2013.

Beautiful lengths is a big tradition at Seton.  The most recent Beautiful lengths was held on May 20, 2013.  Over 350 grade school girls, high school girls, and women of the Seton community simultaneously cut at least eight inches of hair.  All hair was donated to make wigs for cancer patients going through chemotherapy.  Students were happy to cut their hair for a good cause.  Junior, Lauren Lipps says, “It was really awesome how our school put this together to help cancer patients.  I felt really good knowing I could help these women by doing something so simple.”  Beautiful Lengths started at Seton by musical coordinator, Mrs. Marybeth Samoya.  Samoya shares that at the time of the first Beautiful lengths, a few of her friends had cancer and were losing their hair to chemotherapy.  Samoya saw that Ann Curry, anchor of the Today Show, cut her hair for cancer patients.  Samoya decided that it would be a great idea to bring this event to Seton, and it has been a great success for several years.

The Catholic Telegraph is the official paper of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  The paper reports local and universal news of Catholic churches and schools.  As 2013 came to a close, the readers of the Catholic Telegraph voted on the top ten stories of the year.  The first two on the list were the coverage of Pope Francis’ election and the resignation of Pope Benedict.  The third story on the list was La Salle High School coping with several tragedies, and the fourth is Royalmont Academy becoming a high school.  Fifth on the list is the publishing of the Archdiocese’s new look on GCL.  The last sister of Charity retiring from St. William comes sixth on the list.  Seton’s Beautiful Lengths proudly sits at number seven.  The eighth story on the list is the Archbishop signing a memorandum of understanding with Girl Scouts.  Finish out the list is the CMA breaking record and Summit teacher using diagnosis as lesson in faith.   Each story is shortly summarized in the article.

Samoya states, “It was an honor that the Catholic Telegraph recognizes Seton as having one of the top events of the year.”  This article is a great representation of the huge accomplishment Seton achieved by participating and hosting Beautiful Lengths.


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