22nd Annual Seton Dance Invitational

22nd Annual Seton Dance Invitational

By Katie Lehan


On September 11, the Seton High School dance teams hosted the 22nd Seton Dance Invitational. The competition brought 69 teams from 33 organizations to Seton, who combined, did over 125 performances in the gym along with over 80 solo/duet/trio performances in the auditorium.  The Seton dance teams also performed throughout the day, but were not competing for trophies due to the fact that they were the ones hosting the competition.

The 69 teams combined consisted of 1,100 dancers and there were an estimated 2,000 spectators in attendance.  Although the competition worked much like others held elsewhere, Seton’s conduction of the competition was unique.  Jill Lamey, coach of Seton’s Varsity team said, “Our competition is different from other local events because it was organized and executed by our dance program at Seton exclusively.  We did not have a sanctioning body such as UDA, AmeriDance, or Jamfest to provide us support.  We literally did the entire event on our own!”

The proceeds from the competition go to the current Varsity and Junior dancers, as well as any Youth and Youth Prep dancer whose parents volunteered to work the day of the competition.  The money helps to reduce the dancers’ fees for the season and also goes towards paying general program expenses such as keeping up the studio and the coaches’ salaries.


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