A Role Model To All: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

A Role Model To All: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

By Kelly Gallagher

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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is the patroness saint of Seton high school who demonstrated the virtues of simplicity, charity, and humility. The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Feast was on January 4 and the feast day Mass was celebrated last Wednesday, January 8. Elizabeth Ann Seton founded the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph’s, the first new community for religious women to be established in the United States.  Elizabeth Ann Seton also started the Joseph’s Academy and Free School, the first free Catholic School for girls staffed by Sisters in the United States. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was known to be a devoted wife, a dedicated volunteer in charitable organizations and a good friend to many.

The National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The Saints for Life club who attended the March for Life in Washington, DC had the chance to visit this national shrine on their bus ride to DC in January 2013. The Shrine includes the Basilica, Visitor Center, Museum, and Gift Shop. Students were given a personal tour at the Shrine. Junior Carly Stagge mentions how she believes that one of the most fascinating parts of the tour was the Shrine of Mother Seton’s relics which are a part of Elizabeth Ann Seton’s actual bone. Stagge says, “It was an amazing and overwhelming experience to be praying to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in front of her relics. I am so thankful that we had the chance to learn more about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and the life she led.” The club was also given a tour of the museum and the classrooms in which Elizabeth Ann Seton’s learned.  When asked about our patroness, former Seton teacher and current volunteer, Sister Jeanine Marie Holthouse said, “Mother Seton has been a real model for all of the Sisters of Charity. It gives us quite an opportunity to bring her to light to our students and teachers. I was totally amazed by our kids last Wednesday at the Mass. Students are looking more to Mother Seton for their goals, opportunities, what they want to become.” Elizabeth Ann Seton is truly a role model to all; she was canonized to be a saint in 1975 and continues to inspire girls of all ages to be a better person every day.

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