New Lockdown System Assembly

New Lockdown System Assembly

By Kaylie Brown


On Wednesday, January 15, Seton gathered in the auditorium to learn about the new lock down system. Cincinnati District 3 police officer Anne Lally presented to the students about the new lockdown procedure, known as A.L.I.C.E., which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Information, Counter attack, Escape.   Lally explained how it works, and how much better it is compared to the old system that included locking the doors and hiding.

The assembly started out with an educational video, which showed different scenarios and actions to take when there is an armed shooter in the school building. This video encouraged changes such as barricading doors, throwing objects at the shooter to distract them, and escape plans. Officer Lally compared the old lock down system to the new system by having the senior student council join her on stage to act out a scenario. The new system allowed students to escape the building safely instead of being locked into their classrooms. The students went back to homeroom after the presentation to practice the new procedure out for themselves. A certain place in the school, such as the gym or auditorium was the “safe place”, and students had to take the correct way there and try not to run into the “shooter”.  The location of the “shooter” was being broadcast over the PA system. There were mixed emotions from Seton students about the assembly overall including Junior Brooke Zentmeyer’s opinions who said “I thought the video was inappropriate for the topic of school shootings because it is something that should be taken more seriously and not laughed at, but other than that the assembly was really helpful.” Sophomore Sara Monahan was surprised about the new procedure and said, “I never thought violence would be allowed in school, but I guess it’s safer than just hiding in a room.” In the end, everyone agreed this was a great change for Seton and all of the other schools too.

Ms. Agricola even shared her opinion on the new procedure and assembly and said, “I thought the assembly regarding ALICE training went really well yesterday.  It is such a new concept that some people have a hard time accepting because we have been so used to “hiding” in the past.  Now the expectation is either to hide, escape, or fight depending on a person’s situation and in some cases you may do all three.  It’s challenging to think that bad situations happen to good people, but we do have to prepare for them.  With this knowledge and training, God forbid, if we are ever confronted with this situation, we will be able to think quickly and react to the situation to save our lives.” Overall, this change in the lockdown system has been looked over and thought of by professionals and will save many lives if by some terrible circumstance it has to be used.

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