Father Daughter Coming Up

Father Daughter Coming Up

By Monica Lepper


Seton’s Father- Daughter Dance, sponsored by the Moms and Dads Club, is this Sunday, January 19. The dance, held at the Music Hall Ballroom, starts at 7 p.m. and goes until 11 p.m. This dance can be a bonding experience for both father´s and daughters no matter their current relationship. Today is the last day to buy tickets at a discounted price of $25 per dad. The price increases to $30 at the door.

Senior Samantha Goodwin said, “I love having a fun time with my dad and friends. It gives my dad a chance to meet my friend’s dads.” Not only do Seton students bond with their dads but they also get a chance to bond with their friends. The girls always take the dance floor and dance all night. Seton is off of school on Monday, January 20 so students can keep the evening going with bowling or a late night movie with fathers and friends. If one has never been to the dance, take a chance on it and show up to Music Hall on Sunday Night.

Photo credits to senior Nicole Ruffing’s mother Tara Ruffing.

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