Introducing the Ski Club

Introducing the Ski Club

By Jessica Wuebbolt


Seton’s very first ski club is a great way to have fun in the dull winter months. The ski club was introduced this year from juniors Christine Fanning and Andrea Hannan.  The girls wanted a club where students could learn how to ski with their friends while staying active in the winter. Club Moderator Jenifer Dunaway encourages all girls to get involved in the ski club because it’s an easy way to get out in the winter and participate in a healthy aerobic environment. Besides meeting new friends while skiing, students also have the opportunity to get advice and support from more experienced skiers in the club. The ski club plans to have a group outing at Perfect North sometime soon on the weekend during the winter months. Hannan, says, “I am really excited to go to Perfect North as a club, and we hope to go on a ski outing this month!” Transportation to Perfect North will be available if enough students decide to participate. If more than fifteen students plan on attending the ski outing than the price will be discounted to thirty-three dollars with a ski rental of fifteen dollars. Perfect North offers free introductory lessons for new skiers or snowboarders with each admission ticket. If you have always wanted to try skiing, but never wanted to go alone, then the ski club is a perfect fit for you!

For more information about being involved in the ski club and going on the ski outing feel free to email Christine Fanning, Andrea Hannan, or Mrs. Dunaway.

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