Choosing Classes Wisely

Choosing Classes Wisely

By Monica Lepper


Picking classes may be difficult for sophomores, juniors and seniors, but it is made bearable by the wonderful staff of Seton High School. This week and next week all classes will have group guidance to go through curriculum guides. The counselors will give some advice to help guide students to the right path. For instance, if someone is plans on going into pre-medicine in college, they should be taking certain science classes here at Seton.  Also, many teachers that have electives, such as Mrs. Ritter, will go to group guidance sessions to talk about their particular elective and the expectations for that class. While at group guidance, students will get a sheet with all of their options for the curriculum of the upcoming school year. As soon as group guidance is over, counselors will immediately start to meet with students individually to make sure the classes they choose give the students enough credits to graduate. As of right now, students are eligible to register for next year’s classes. This is available on the registration tab on Netclassroom. Students have to submit their registration, but a parent also has to log onto their Netclassroom account and approve the classes their child has chosen.

Junior Ally Kampel says, “I want the counselors to help me choose classes that will look good on a college application, what classes will help me get into college and what classes I should take to make me have a successful senior year.”

According to Seton junior and senior counselor, Mrs. Liz Vorholt, she believes that ever since registration became online and more streamlined as of last year, the process of choosing classes has eliminated a lot of paper work. An enormous amount of work has also decreased for the counselors; they used to have to input all of the information and now the process is a lot smoother and does not take nearly as long.


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