Seton Helping Saints Jean Drive

Seton Helping Saints Jean Drive

By Ally Kampel

ally kampel

Seton Helping Saints is sponsoring a jean drive with the help of Aeropostale.  The campaign is called Teens for Jeans, and the goal is to collect as many jeans as possible to donate to homeless children and teenagers.  Schools throughout the nation are participating in this campaign.  The school that brings in the greatest number of jeans will win the grand prize, a $10,000 grant, Aeropostale t-shirts, and a party.

According to, the campaign started because an in one in three people under the age of eighteen experience homelessness.  The Seton community will help many homeless teens by participating in the jean drive, but we must start now because the contest ends February 16.  Shannon Kaine, Vice President of Seton Helping Saints states, “Seton Helping Saints is a great club and as an active member of the club I can say we try to do great things. Teens for Jeans is one event Seton Helping Saints is trying to make all the students aware of because not only is it helping homeless teens in our areas, but it could also potentially help individuals of our school.”  Kaine adds, “Winning the $10,000 grant could help so many people in our Seton community.”

Winning this contest could bring many opportunities to the Seton community as well as helping many homeless teens.  For more information about the event, go to under Jeans for Teens.  The jean drive will be included in the clothing and canned food drive and will be worth five points.  The first turn in day is Monday, January 27, and all items should be dropped off in the storage room on the ground floor.  Homeroom reps will be in the storage room to count the items.  Don’t forget to ask friends and neighbors for help. Get collecting Saints!

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