Update on Catholic Schools Week

Update on Catholic Schools Week

By Sydney Schultz


Catholic Schools Week is celebrated this year on January 27 through January 30. Seton Student Council members have proposed a canned food drive during Catholic Schools Week for the students and staff at Seton to participate in. All of the donations that students and staff members bring in will be given to Matthew 25 Ministries. It’s important to help others, especially during the cold winter months. One can of food means a lot and can go a long way. Students are encouraged to bring in numerous different items. The first turn in day for clothes, food, coats, and blankets was Monday, January 27. But due to the crazy weather, Seton was closed on Tuesday, January 28, losing a turn in day for donations. Seton opened back up on Wednesday the 29 and students have been bringing many donations despite the bitter weather.

Once again this year, homerooms are competing against one another to see who can bring in the most items. Each grade level is also competing against each other. The homerooms and grade levels with the most total points win the contest. Each item brought in is assigned a point value. A single point is earned for canned foods, 2 points for personal hygiene and toiletries, 3 points for clothes, 4 points for coats and blankets, and 4 points for jeans. Clothing, coats, blankets, and jeans may be gently used.

The winning grade will receive and out of uniform day. The top 3 homerooms will get a breakfast. In addition, each homeroom with a minimum of 500 points from the donations will get to participate in the pig race. Homerooms who qualify for this will receive a stuffed walking toy pig. Students will decorate their pig as they desire and will race against other pigs. The winning “pig” will win its homeroom a free cookie at lunch.

Today, Wednesday, January 29,  the sophomores turned in 365 points for a total of 597.  The juniors turned in 333 points for a total of 333.  The freshman turned in 116 points for a total of 190.  The seniors turned in 139 points  for a total of 153.  The staff hasn’t turned in anything yet, so they have a total of 0 points.

Mrs. Ritter’s homeroom has 352 points, Mrs. T. Johnson has 199 pts, and S. Dutcher has 158 pts. These homerooms are the closest ones to earning a pig for the pig race. In order to receive a pig, your homeroom must have a total of 500 points.

There are only two days left to turn in donations, Saints! Each day, students will be able to turn in their donations to their homeroom representatives at the storage room on the ground floor. This room is located on the same floor as the cafeteria and across from the men’s restroom. The homeroom representatives will calculate the points made from the donations and record them on a chart in their specific homeroom. Please label the bag with your name on it.

“I think that donating clothes and food to our community is something everyone should partake in. Everyone deserves to have the basic necessities and it is our job to give the less fortunate what they need and deserve” said sophomore Mackenzie Dugan.

This is a friendly competition among peers and is a great way to make a difference within the Seton community.


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