Goodbye and Good Luck, Jenny

Goodbye and Good Luck, Jenny

By Abby Rollinger


To some, she was just the lady who ran the cash register or sent you ‘friendly reminders’ when you had an overdue lunch charge. To others, she was that dose of humorous sarcasm that served as your midday pick-me-up, a trusted confidant, or even just a friend. During her time at Seton, Jenny Turnbull made a lasting impression not only in her role as head of food service, but in the lives of so many students and teachers alike. However, when a can’t-miss opportunity presented itself, it was time for Turnbull to say her goodbyes and, as she put it, “start a new adventure” at another job.

As of last Friday, January 24, Turnbull officially resigned from her position here at Seton to be thrown into a new one at a church in Fort Thomas. There, she will be coordinator of the free and reduced lunch program. This operation serves healthy food for the church’s dinners and also lunches for the high school across the street; but it doesn’t stop there. “We provide lunches and dinners to the whole Tristate area,” says Turnbull, “It’s a huge program- a lot of money goes into it.” Turnbull goes on to admit that, although amazing, this job was not something she was looking for. “It found me”, explains Turnbull, “I wasn’t planning on leaving Seton anytime soon.” In the end, though, the new position is closer to home and seems altogether like a step-up in her career.

“I just want to say thanks to all of them,” addresses Turnbull to all those whom she’s grown close while at Seton. “I’ll especially miss the senior class. They’re who I started with.” Therefore, just like the upcoming class of 2014 and all the young women that came before them, Turnbull spent a substantial four years at Seton and has now ‘graduated’ on to bigger and better things.

We at Seton wish you nothing but the best, Jenny. Good luck in all that you do!





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