Saints for Life Stand up for Life

Saints for Life Stand up for Life

By Jessica Wuebbolt


On Monday, January 20, fifty -sevens students from the Saints for Life club traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the annual March for Life. This year was the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade decision to make abortion legal. Teens and young adults from all across the states gathered in the National Mall in D.C. to prepare for the March.  Before the March, Christian singer Matt Maher entertained thousands of people in the bitter cold. Testimonies from state representatives were also given. The march began after the rally and followed the route to the U.S.  Supreme Court building. Despite the bitter freezing temperatures, D.C. was filled with over fifty thousand people’s excitement about marching for life. President of the club, Susan Nussman, comments about the real meaning of the march, March for Life is more than just political activism for Saints for Life, we go on the March to recognize and enforce the Dignity of Human Life through prayer, sacraments, and the coming to the realization how uniquely and individually God loves each of us, even the unborn. Our March for Life trip is meant to be a response to our faith which says EVERY HUMAN LIFE is loved, valued and irreplaceable.”

On Tuesday, January 21, the clubs ventured out into the brutally cold winds to sight see one of D.C’s most famous monuments, the Lincoln Memorial. Sightseeing at the Lincoln Memorial has always been a must see activity. Also, it has been a tradition to get a group photo on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Afterwards the group toured the Franciscan Monastery for the first time as a club. The Monastery is a shrine replicating the Holy Land.  New this year to the itinerary was a trip to TLC’s Georgetown Cupcakes, the bakery where the TV series D.C. Cupcakes airs. Students enjoyed many flavors of delicious cupcakes made by professional bakers.

After a long day of touring D.C., the club settled down at St. Catherine Labour Parish where they enjoyed a pizza dinner, a concert, and adoration. Paul J. Kim, beat boxer, singer, and an inspirational speaker entertained the students by performing some of his songs and showcasing his beat boxing skills. The Saints for Life club also had the chance to have adoration with Franciscan Friars from New York. Junior, Phoung Phan comments on her powerful experience, in a world with so much noise and distractions, it’s always a blessing to be able to spend time with Jesus before the Blessed Sacrament.  Every time I go to Praise and Worship Adoration, like the one we had with the CFR’s Friars the night before the march, my faith is strengthened, I don’t feel quite so empty inside because my bucket is filled, and I’m ready to pour it into others’.  Adoration is a time for us to lay down our lives, all our problems, and worries at the feet of Jesus and to focus solely on Him. It is a reminder for our hearts to say, “Lord, I need You.”

Before the March, the group attended the annual Catholic Youth Rally at the Verizon center. The rally featured twenty five thousands teens celebrating life through praise and worship and a mass for life. The mass consisted of many archbishops and priests from across the states. Teens also got in the spirit through praise and worship through songs. Junior Olivia Hess says, “For me, the Youth Rally was definitely one of the coolest parts of my March experience this year. There were so many groups that came to the Verizon Center that we almost filled the entire stadium. It was so much fun singing and participating in mass and simply coming together to celebrate the gift of life with so many other people. Moments like when the whole stadium took out their phones and started waving them in the air during a slow song were such beautiful displays of love and took away the typical view of the church only being in our parish or our city; at the rally you really saw the church as universal.”

Seton’s Saints for Life club anticipates on another great trip next year in January.

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