Video Conference with Archbishop Schnurr

Video Conference with Archbishop Schnurr

By Kelly Gallagher


In honor of Catholic Schools Week, Campus Ministry was able to involve four Seton students in a live video conference with Archbishop Schnurr and other Archdiocesan high schools. Fifteen high schools including Bishop Fenwick, Caroll, Elder, Mount Notre Dame, LaSalle, McAuley, Bishop Alter, Moeller, St. Xavier, DePaul Christo, Badin, McNicholas, Roger Bacon, and Ursuline took part in this video conference.

The video conference took place on Monday, January 27 in the morning and lasted for a little more than an hour. Each school was given time to ask one question, and Archbishop Schnurr would give his response over a live webcam session. Senior students Katelyn Walter, Morgan Masminster, Molly Kraisinger, and Kelly Gallagher were representing Seton High School. Masminster addressed Archbishop Schnurr with the question, “Our patroness St. Elizabeth Ann Seton strongly desired to do the ‘Will of God’. What do you think is the most important factor in discerning God’s Will in our lives?” Archbishop Schnurr responded:

Well I think first of all, you have to be aware of the fact that God does have a plan for each and everyone one of us. God always acts for a purpose and everyone was created for a purpose. The most important question is, ‘Why did god create us?’ God creates for a purpose and gives us all the talents to carry out our plan. As a young man going in the seminary, they wanted us to discern God’s will, when in reality; we all need to do this. Elizabeth Ann Seton was able to discern God’s will so well. Her life wasn’t easy yet she was a very joyful person and she always saw the hand of God even through all the struggles she went through.

Other questions were asked that pertained to Archbishop Schnurr growing up during the Second Vatican council and the misinterpretation’s many Catholics had about it. Other questions that were asked were about health care and the Church’s view on abstinence. Archbishop Schnurr mentioned that he worked with the national government to try to help correct problems regarding who health care is being restricted from. The national government is still in favor of some type of medical assistance being available to all types of people. Schnurr believes that the Church’s view of health care has been miscommunicated due to misrepresentation of media. He believes Catholics are getting the wrong impressions that bishops oppose the affordable care act. Archbishop Schnurr says they are all for some type of medical help assistance and does not believe their voices were heard.

A question was asked about Pope Francis and why would he be making an appearance to Philadelphia in 2015. Schnurr explained that Pope Francis is coming to appear in a meeting. At the same time he is a very outgoing individual; he likes to get around and enjoys being with people. Schnurr mentioned that this will be his first opportunity coming to the United States as Pope and he just wants to be out with the people and witness the life of the church.

The last question asked to Archbishop Schnurr was a lighthearted question about a moment that he will never forget, which was after he was ordained and what his life was like growing up. Schnurr responds about a time in 1974 when he baptized his nephew and he had said a prayer to God that one day one of his nephews will be a priest, and last year his nephew became one. The Archbishop saw this as a sign from God. He also told the students in the video conference how he was a typical teenager just like any of us and attended dances and school sporting events. His first job was a bag boy at a grocery store as an 8th grader and in his sophomore year of high school, his manager went on vacation for a week and he was able to stand in his manager’s spot for the time period he was gone.

Seton students appreciate the time they were given for this opportunity with Archbishop Schnurr. Just like any of us, he lived a normal life. He eventually had a strong calling from God to become the Archbishop of Cincinnati. Archbishop Schnurr answered each and every question with thoughtful insight and the students were glad to have been included in this video conference.

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