Grandparent’s Day

Grandparent’s Day
By Molly Kraisinger
Seton will be hosting their first Grandparents day on February 5. In December, in religion class, every student was given an envelope to write to their grandparents asking them to attend and a sheet of information about the upcoming day. The grandparents had until January 31 to RSVP. So far, 390 grandparents have responded saying they’re attending.
Students will meet their grandparents in the commons and escort them to the auditorium.  Grandparents will arrive at Seton by 9:30. Special arrangements for parking have been made since it is turning out to be a large event. Mass will be in the auditorium where the students can sit with their guests. Sophomore Allie Holmes said, “My grandma Thea and grandpa Phil are coming. I’m excited to show them Seton.” Students who don’t have a grandparent will be attending Mass as well, and going throughout their day just like any other three period day.
After Mass, grandparents will be treated to a LaRosa’s lunch in the multipurpose room. Although students are not provided lunch they will be able to eat with their grandparents. If they finish their lunch early, students are welcome to give their grandparents a tour of the school as long as they aren’t interrupting any classes.
Once lunch time is over, grandparents are able to leave or are welcome to join the students in their 4th period class. Junior Hannah Wegmen said, “My Grandma Barb is coming. She used to come to Grandparents in grade school, and is excited to finally come to one at Seton, since she is an alum.”Students are excited for the first Grandparents Day at Seton; it should be a fun day.  

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