A Trip of a Lifetime

A Trip of a Lifetime

By Alissa Allison






As many of you may know the seniors are required to do a senior project throughout the entire year. Many different projects are done but one senior, Lizzie Bruewer, took her project to Brazil. She left the day after Christmas and stayed for 21 days until January 16. She went with an organization called CISV that promotes and builds global friendship. For the youth this is great, they can learn about different cultures, meet new people, and experience diversity. Bruewer was located in a camp in the country of Sao Paulo, Brazil with 31 other people she never met before this. Participants were from USA, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Finland, and Brazil.

There was no contact with any family or friends back home. No internet.. Twitter… Instagram! On day 10 Bruewer was able to send one email to her mom, that was it. During the time spent in Brazil they talked about important worldwide problems such as, prolife-prochoice, immigration, and other global topics. All 31 of them bonded over cooking, cleaning, playing soccer, dancing and other various activities. One activity they did to talk about an issue was setting up the activity room as a first grade class room. After they role played “class” for 10 minutes they were told an active shooter was in the building. They acted on the shooting in Connecticut and then talked about the issue of gun control in each country. Another time they set up a court case which dealt with the death penalty and discussed about it according to each country and why or why not they agreed. Bruewer has a new found respect for other cultures and thankful for gaining such a wonderful group of friends that have grown so close together. “I am constantly talking, snapchatting, facebook chatting, whats uping, and doing everything possible to stay in touch.” Says Bruewer. She reccomends taking the opportunity of an experience like this if you are interested in encountering people from around the world. She currently is saving up for a trip to Europe in hopes of visiting a lot of the people she went with and meet their families. In 21 days she made everlasting relationships that were so hard to leave behind. She goes on to say, “I had the time of my life, I had so so so many friends and friends is not even the word for it. IT WAS A FAMILY!” With the encouragement from Mrs. Hollenbach, Mrs. Downey, and a family friend who is involved, Bruewer was able to do what most people won’t get the chance to explore on and is forever grateful. To learn more about the international organization you can visit their website  http://www.cisv.org/ and embark on your own journey.


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