Varsity Dance Team Takes Third In the Nation

Varsity Dance Team Takes Third In the Nation

By Katie Lehan


The Varsity dance team and their families flew down to Orlando, Florida on Friday, January 31 for the Universal Dance Association National Dance Team Championship.  The actual competition took place on February 1 and 2 at the Walt Disney World Resort.  The dance teams compete in divisions based on team size and grade/age level and can enter in two separate dance categories.  Varsity competed under the small pom and small jazz categories.  Varsity earned 3rd in pom out of 81 teams and 15th in jazz.

For the preliminary part of the competition, the pom teams were divided into four groups.  Whoever came in first place out of each group got a direct bid to finals and got to skip semifinals, which is what Seton accomplished.  In addition to the first place teams, forty percent of the other teams moved onto semifinals and then forty percent of the teams from semifinals moved onto finals.  In finals, the top four teams from 2013 were again in the top four.  Eden Prairie from Minnesota earned first, St. Thomas More from Louisiana earned second, Seton earned third, and Rosary from California- the previous year’s champions- earned fourth place.  It was the same format for the jazz part of the competition, except Seton had to go through semifinals first since they didn’t earn first in their division.  Seton earned 15th place in the jazz competition.  Westmore High School from Oklahoma earned first, Rosary from California earned second, and Eden Prairie from Minnesota earned third.  Still an awesome rank, no doubt!  Samantha Monahan, a dancer on the Varsity team says, “We are super proud of our placements and we are waiting to hear how close the scores were because everyone’s routines were on point!”  She continues on to say, “The best moment by far, though was kicking Rosary out of the top three medalists and having them go from first to fourth place in just one year.  That just shows that anybody can win at nationals and you never know who will come out on top!”

All of the teams’ performances can be watched on  The competition will be broadcasted on ESPN2 on a later date and will reach more than 90 million homes in 2014.  Both Varsity and the Juniors are scheduled to perform at Oak Hills High School on Sunday, February 9.  Good luck and once again, a huge congratulations to Varsity.  We couldn’t be more proud!

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