March Bandness

March Bandness

By Molly Brauch


On March 7, Victoria Hancock will be hosting her Senior Project concert, March Bandness. “Who wouldn’t pay $8.00 to see 6 bands and to have a good night out?” said Hancock excitedly, “It’s a bargain!” After seeing bands perform there more times than she can count, Hancock booked The Underground as a venue to host the show. Her show even appears under the “Upcoming Events” section of The Underground’s website. The doors for March Bandness open at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7:00pm. BoyMeetsWorld is headlining the show. Seniors will remember them as the band from last year’s prom. Other bands include The Skyline Social, The Weekend Classic, Setback, Missing Number, and Northbound. Music from these bands can be found on their respective Facebook pages. Tickets for March Bandness can be purchased from Victoria Hancock for $8.00.

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