Save the Dolphins

Save the Dolphins

By Kaylie Brown

dolphins 1

One of the Senior Projects this year branches all the way out to the ocean in attempt to help one of the most popular sea animals, dolphins. Senior Rachel Hobbs has been researching and thinking of ways to raise money to help the dolphins as much as she can. Hobbs says, “My Senior Project is advocating for dolphins and raising money for the Dolphin Project, which is a nonprofit organization.”

Hobbs has done a lot of research and has watched films to enrich her education on how dolphins and other sea life are being harmed and taken advantage of. Much of the information she found was shocking to her.  For example, fishermen in Taiji, Japan do an annual hunt for dolphins where they trap them into a secret cove.  They then net the cove off so the dolphins can’t get out. The fishermen inhumanely kill over one thousand dolphins a year just in that specific cove, but it happens elsewhere as well. Most of the dolphins are packaged and sold for food and the others that are in perfect condition with no scars are sold for a lot of money.

The dolphin meat is actually sold in disguise as bigger healthier fish names and none of the customers are aware. Dolphin meat contains a large amount of mercury and is poisoning the people who eat it.

The dolphins that are kept alive go into captivity. It is looked at as cruel by many people because dolphins are second smartest mammals on earth right after humans; there has even been talk that they are smarter than humans.  The part of the dolphin’s brain that processes feelings and thoughts is a lot bigger than humans. Unlike humans, dolphins have the choice to take each breath and when they are kept in captivity they sometimes commit suicide because of the depression they develop because of captivity and mistreatment.


If you want to learn more you can watch the films:  The Cove, BlackFish, or go to the following websites:


Hobbs’ fundraising will go towards helping these dolphins and letting them live happy lives. It’s a great cause and she will be fundraising around Seton soon, so let’s save the dolphins!




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