Smooth Shaved Swimmers

Smooth Shaved Swimmers

By Molly Kraisinger


No shave November has lasted a few months longer for the swimmers. Members of the Seton swim team stopped shaving the day before they got in the water on November 4.  They don’t shave because the leg hair gives resistance in the water. As the hair grows it creates more and more resistance causing them to swim slower, and work harder to decrease their times. When it comes time for their most important meet, or what might be their last swim meet, they shave to drop time. Senior Alyssa Lyons said, “Most of us drop time least a couple seconds or a half second” as a result from shaving.

When the end of the season approaches the swimmers have their annual taper gifts, which is like a secret Santa. For the second taper gift exchange, they all give each other shaving supplies. According to the girls use multiple razors and heaps of shaving cream to remove the months of hair growth. According to the swimmers, shaving takes them anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Senior Kelley Kraemer says, “I have to use multiple razors because they dull down so quickly.”

Most of the team started to shave after the Oak Hills meet. Half of the team will shave for sectionals, this Friday February 7. All the swimmers who are shaving for sectionals are going to have a shaving celebration together at Lizzie Brewers house.  Kelley Kraemer, Lindsey Niehaus, Jessica Hayhow, Maggie Freudiger and Allie Bihl wont shave until next Friday February 14 for Districts at Miami University. When asked about being embarrassed by her leg hair, Lyons said, “Usually since you wear pants in the winter I don’t mind not shaving. Accept when I wear leggings and some hair pops up, that’s kind of embarrassing.”

Kelley Kraemer said, “I was embarrassed by it freshman and sophomore year, but I have come to terms with it.  I see it as a symbol of dedication for the sport, now I’m proud of it.”


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