When Will This Winter End?

When Will This Winter End?

By Alissa Allison


This winter, it seems like the snow days are piling up more and more. Each school district is given five calamity days, also known as “snow days”. If a district exceeds the five calamity days, the school has to add additional school days to the schedule at the end of the year to make up the days that were missed. Not only has snow and ice halted school, but negative degree weather has also been an issue when it comes to closing schools. . There has been -7 degree weather and wind chill that made it feel like -25 degrees. Because so many districts have been effected by the weather, Ohio Governor John Kasich asked legislature for an extension on snow days in Ohio. In a video addressing the extreme weather, Kasich said, “When it comes to our kids, safety has got to come first”. So far, seven snow days have been accounted for and multiple delays in the greater Cincinnati area. Seton has built in 2 extra days into the schedule. The bill is still in legislature and will hopefully pass soon. The proposal will relieve some of the stress off of the superintendents when it is a severe weather day and are out of the allotted calamity days. With extra calamity days, some of the pressure would be taken off of the schools and students would be safer. Next school year legislature has changed calamity days all together. There will no longer be a limit as long as there are 1,001 hours of school for that year.

Schools and students will have to adjust when we get a cold spell this bad. We  could still see some more off days in our future. There isn’t much we can do except stay warm and be cautious. Be careful driving, walking, and wear appropriate attire. Make the best of this weather and soon spring will be here!


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