President’s Day True Meaning

President’s Day True Meaning

By Monica Lepper


Many people like to take advantage of holidays in which they are off of school and off of work. Some like to spend relaxing time at home on holidays and others like to take advantage of perhaps a long weekend to go out of town. While enjoying holidays is acceptable, it is also important to think about the true meaning of holidays. President’s Day is an important holiday where Americans can honor all of the people who have served them nationally as President of the United States. President’s Day is also referred to as The Uniform Monday Holidays Act. This holiday falls on the third Monday of every February. The Uniform Monday Holiday Act passed in 1968 and officially took effect in 1971 right after the executive order from President Richard Nixon. President’s Day is a celebration of President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln that falls in-between their two birthdays.. This day is said to give equal recognition of America’s most famous statesmen. Although President’s Day is significantly a day to remember Washington and Lincoln, it is also a day to recognize the achievements and lives of all chief executives the United States of America. President’s Day can be a time for Americans in the United States can reflect on their country. Senior Sam Goodwin said “I enjoy President’s Day and all it is known for and I am thankful for the country that I live in and for our leaders.” On Monday, February 17 and all the President’s days to come, try and keep in mind those individuals who served our country.


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