Cincinnati Museum Center gets the Royal Treatment

Cincinnati Museum Center gets the Royal Treatment

By Olivia Wall


Kate Middleton is a common, household name. Being married to Prince William, the Duke of Wales, it’s hard not to know who she is. However, before “William and Kate” in 2014, there was “Princess Diana and Prince Charles” in 1981. Together they welcomed two children before they divorced in 1996. Princess Diana was a beloved woman all over the world. She died in a car accident on August 31, 1997. Beginning on Friday, February 14 the Cincinnati Museum center will be welcoming the “Diana: A Celebration” exhibit for seven months.

Diana was a devoted Princess. Once married, she quickly became involved in her royal duties. She was also associated with numerous charities.  She visited terminally ill people all over the world. . Diana was so popular because she was a breath of fresh air in the British monarchy. According to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Diana was “the peoples’ princess.”

Just like girls today idolize Kate Middleton, Diana Spencer was an icon. The museum exhibit will hone in on the life and works work of Diana. The exhibit has 150 pieces that range from home movies and pictures to Diana’s wedding gown. All profits go to The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. The aim of the fund is to “create a lasting legacy to the Princess’ humanitarian work” according to

Seton senior Alyssa Lyons said, “I’m really excited because this exhibit is bringing all of these great artifacts to the city. It’s a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of history.” This exhibit will be at the Cincinnati Museum Center from February 14 to August 17. If you want to see the life of an icon and role model, check it out.

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