Every Tab Counts

Every Tab Counts

By Molly Kraisinger


The Eco club has hosted several recycling contests this year while encouraging recycling all year round in the cafeteria. During the Halloween season, the Eco club conducted the candy wrapper contest and right before Thanksgiving they decided to hold a pop tab collecting contest. Anyone was able to participate in the contest. Students would put their tabs in a plastic bag with their name and grade written on it then turn it in to Dr. Mullen’s classroom. The eco club would then weigh each one and keep record of how much each student brought in. Because 1,267 pop tabs make 1 pound, they can be sold for around 60 cents per pound. You are probably wondering why we don’t recycle the whole can instead of just the pop tabs. That is because the tabs are made of different quality aluminum that is easier to recycle compared to the cans. Tabs are smaller and cleaner than collecting cans, also making it easier for Charities to handle.


All the tabs that Seton collects are donated to the tab program at Ronald McDonald House. All the money raised from this program at Ronald McDonald goes to provide a warm bed, a hot meal, and a home for families in need. Last year Seton donated 77 pounds of tabs to Ronald McDonald.


The contest began right before Thanksgiving and ended on Monday, February 10. The Eco club has had wonderful results, collecting 8.3 pounds. Junior Gabriele Hirlinger wanted to send out a message, “Please help us to recycle the many products that Seton collects to save space in our landfill.” Seton collects pop tabs all year round, and can be turned into Dr. Mullen’s room at any time.


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