Pig Race Finals

Pig Race Finals

By Alissa Allison





Last month, Seton held a canned food and clothing drive. An incentive for getting the most points wasto win a mechanical pig to enter into the “pig race”. Any homeroom that reached 500 or more points received a pig. On February 12, homerooms of Gilday, T. Johnson, Ritter, Dutcher, Rechenberg, Collins, and the staff were the only ones who reached the quota of 500. The top three homerooms also won a Panera bagel breakfast before school the day of the race. Those homerooms were Dutcher in third place with 928 points, Ritter in second place with 942 points, and Rechenberg in first place with 1,264 points! The seniors earned the most points and also won an out of uniform day on February 12.

The homerooms with pigs are allowed to decorate them how they choose. In the past people have put hats, mustaches, and shirts on the pigs, dyed their fur, and even shaved the fur for less air resistance! Some might even try to reprogram the pig to not stop or oink so they can swiftly move past the finish line. The race can get intense. Students stood at the finish line cheering for their customized robotic pig to the end. Some students and overly excited teachers get so into the race that they are asked to step back from the course.

This year the winner of the race was the staff. Programming their pig seemed to be the reason for the outcome. Rechenberg’s homeroom was a close finish. During the race, the pigs like to take their own courses and instead of heading towards the finish line end up going out of bounds. A couple of the pigs had their legs shaved, some had bows, but all were decorated creatively. It was too bad none of the homerooms could come out on top, but it was all for a good cause while having some fun too!

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