Ice Dancing Duo Makes USA History

Ice Dancing Duo Makes USA History

By Jessica Wuebbolt


Photo Credit: YahooSports

On Monday, February 17, team USA won a gold medal in ice dancing during the winter Sochi Olympics. This feat had not occurred since this event was added in 1976. USA figure skating duo, Charlie White, 26, and Meryl Davis, 27, earned a gold medal for their free dance with a final score of 195.52. Davis and White beat their training rivals and 2010 Vancouver gold medalists, Tessa Virtue and Scotte Moir, by 4.53 points. The duo performed a breathtaking dance to the song, “Scheherazade” by N. Rimski-Korsakov which tells the story of a woman who enchants a Persian king to keep him from marrying a new wife every day. The duo both perfectly looked their part with Davis in a shimmering lavender dress and White in a royal velvet vest. Davis and White both celebrated their victory by skating a victory lap each holding the American flag. The four minute routine represented all the hard work and effort the pair put into their 17 years together.  In an interview with The Los Angeles Times White says, “To come away with a gold medal is amazing… And 17 years of hard work was justified.”

Davis and White have been on a crazy journey since 1997. Both have been training together since they were six in their hometown in Michigan. Since then, Davis and White have had many accomplishments, including two world championships. Four years ago, in the Vancouver Olympics, the pair finished with silver. On Sunday, February 16 in the Sochi Olympics the pair beat a world record in short dance for a score of 78.8 in their performance to selections from “My Fair Lady.” Davis and White are also the first American figure skaters to own a medal of each color.

Congratulations to Charlie White and Meryl Davis on winning the first ever gold medal for USA in ice dancing! Now the question is what’s next for White and Davis? Davis says,”We prepared so well for what we wanted to put out there on the ice, we don’t know how to react now. Now that it’s over, where do we go, what do we do?”

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