Senioritis is Here to Stay

Senioritis is Here to Stay

By Monica Lepper


According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, senioritis is defined as an ebbing of motivation and effort by school seniors as evidenced by tardiness, absences, and lower grades. Senioritis is also affiliated with laziness, weariness and lack of motivation and focus. Seniors seems to lose focus and fail to find the strength to work as hard on school work as they did in past years. Whether it is during school or at home trying to do homework, students cannot seem to stay on task. Students mostly are focused on future plans such as college or a career. From a graph found on Google, it is shown that senioritis has increased drastically since 1920. Some students feel the wrath of this early on during their senior year, other seniors later on during the year and some not at all. Senior Rachel Hobbs said, “I have no motivation to do any work because graduation and college is so close that high school is just irrelevant now.” Senior Lindsey Hendricks also said, “Some may say senioritis is just a myth, but to me it is definitely real, I’ve felt like I’ve had senioritis since senior year started. I often find it hard to keep myself on task. It is keen to the eye of senior teachers noticing the effort of students deteriorating. Senior teacher Susan Hollenbach said, “I think senioritis is something that is a natural part of healthy development. Seniors are looking forward to a new life that goes beyond high school, new opportunities for friends, for themselves and for their families. I think that this is one of the most exciting times in a senior’s life and they should relish every opportunity they can while in high school because they’ll find out that although they have one foot out the door, they are going to look back and appreciate their high school moments whether or not they think they will.” While all of that may be true, Hollenbach also believes that it is important to still put in effort. “It’s important to take the time they have right now in front of them and to continue to try and do their best in everything because what they do today in their classes and at school will still have benefits for them and their futures. It’s important for seniors to accept those opportunities for continued learning and not shut the door too quickly on the opportunities that are here today.” As seniors approach their last few months of high school and become ready for their new lives in college, they may find it hard to keep striving on, but it is important that they do so for their own good.

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