Welcome Home, Lorrie!

Welcome Home, Lorrie!

By Abby Rollinger


With every goodbye, there is a hello. After the departure of Seton’s head food service associate, Jenny Turnbull, the school had to find a new replacement- and fast. It was going to take a brave soul to tackle Jenny’s hefty and demanding role, but somehow Seton managed to find the perfect person for the job.

Lorrie Huser will have been working with AVI food systems for 12 years this upcoming fall, spending the majority of that time running the kitchen at Mount Saint Joseph. While there, she worked her way up what could quite literally be considered as the companies ‘food chain’. In doing so, Lorrie has obtained a lot of valuable skills that she uses to make her endless innovative ideas a reality. When she was offered a new position at a local high school, Laurie snatched it up. “I had a daughter who went to Seton”, says Lorrie while describing her excitement over the new position. “She graduated in 2006!”

If Huser were to be described in one word, it’d be ambitious. She has loads of plans to help further improve the quality and efficiency of Seton’s cafeteria, along with everything it produces. “I’d like to get new panini’s, wraps, and general input from the students- ideas!” stresses Huser. “Things are going good here, and I want to know what you like and don’t. Honestly, I have found out through all the years at the college that trial and error is the best system; it’s going be the same concept here.”

Possessing a great work-ethic is only one of Huser’s many strong suits. Others include being exceptionally personable, adaptable, funny, and open-minded. Her number one concern is satisfying all those who dine at the school; encouraging anyone and everyone to come forth with their suggestions on how to make the food Seton’s cafeteria produces the best it can possibly be. “Staff, faculty, students: feel free to talk to us. We’re a team, and I want us all to work together”, concludes Huser.

Next time you’re buying some of her delicious food, make sure to say hi to Huser and maybe even fill her in on a helpful suggestion or two.

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