A Trip to Holy Family

A Trip to Holy Family

By Kaylie Brown

holy family 2

holy family 1

On Wednesday February 19 Seton students in Sr. Mary Dolores Latin class, Mrs. Corey’s Spanish II class, Mrs. Hollenbach’s senior English class, and Mrs. Jett’s science classes went to Holy Family for a fun-filled hour as part of the Adopt a Class program at Seton. During this time Seton students spent time with their assigned “buddies” conversing, helping them with school work, and other fun activities. The seniors assigned to the first grade classroom worked with the children make booklets to help them learn different homonyms and types of rocks.  In the second grade classroom students listened to their buddies read and helped them count money.  When these activities where done some of the students read books to their buddies.

This was the second trip that Seton students have taken to Holy Family as part of the Adopt a Class program. Seton students really know how to light up the children’s faces when they visit and they enjoy going as well.  Senior McKenzie Downey said, “I like going to Holy Family because I enjoy working with little kids especially knowing they are less fortunate than us. Seeing a smile on their faces makes my day as much as theirs.” In between visits Seton students make cards including Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day cards that are delivered to the children at Holy Family. Cards will continue to be sent and there will be more visits to Holy Family to come; there will even be a trip to the Children’s Museum at Union Terminal.

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