Hopeful Dreams Can Come True

Hopeful Dreams Can Come True

By Kelly Gallagher

loretta pic

Senior Loretta Blaut has big dreams for her high jump goals. Blaut hopes to make the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero. By 2016, Blaut will be 20 years old and in order to qualify, she has to jump 6’1 and as of right now Blaut is at 5’9. Last year was Loretta’s first year of high jump and she already reached a State record of 5’9 which usually takes years for most college athletes to build up to. Blaut mentions that her form needs to be improved, but that being said, if she gets proper training and technique she knows she can do it.

Blaut had only been jumping for three months before she won districts, regionals, and state and then she broke the regional record at 5’8. Contrary to what people think, high jump is really techniqual. There a lot of physics behind it. Loretta believes she know she can get there if she’s practicing all year round. In order for Loretta to get a better form, there are three techniques she needs to perfect. There is the approach, take off, and landing.  As of now Loretta needs to work on more strength in her legs and needs to work on her speed and overall form. Blaut says, “I have a long way to go but I am ready for the challenge.” Blaut hopes to jump 6 feet by the end of her track season.

The first time Blaut thought about the Olympics was when she won state. She never really knew what height was good, but after she won after only training for three months, she was motivated. Blaut knows the last gold medalist of the Summer Olympics in London was 30 year old, Russian Anna Chicherova as she cleared 2.05 meters and claimed a memorable victory.  Blaut looks up to this Olympian and knows even making the Olympics would be a huge accomplishment for her even if she doesn’t medal.

Blaut will be attending the Junior Olmypics in Eugene, Oregon at the end of July. Loretta’s coach introduced her to this competition. She will be competing against people around the world. Blaut will be competing in this until she turns 20.  Because Blaut has had a setback, she tore two of her ligaments in her ankle in the last Varsity basketball game of the season, she knows she’ll have to work extra hard to get to where she was before the injury. If Blaut doesn’t go to the Olympics on her first attempt she knows she won’t be discouraged. Blaut says, “No matter what I’ll keep trying.”

Blaut knows if she can progress as well as she did in such a short time in high school, she can pursue the possibility of being in the 2016 Olympics. Blaut will be attending The University of Cincinnati in the fall of 2014 with a full scholarship for high jump. University of Cincinnati’s coach, Kris Mack, is from Stanford and has a reputation for coaching record breaking high jump athletes. Loretta is really excited for UC, but for now, she is focused on recovering from her injury so she can get back to pursuing her dreams once again.

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