Junior Dance Team Competes at Nationals

Junior Dance Team Competes at Nationals

By Katie Lehan


The Junior Dance team competed in the Jamfest Dance Super Nationals at the Covington Convention Center on Saturday, February 15 and Sunday, February 16.  Nationals for the Junior team is separate from their other competitions due to the fact that they are seated in a different division with highly competitive studio teams from all over the country, such as Florida and Wisconsin and as far away as Japan and Mexico.  The Juniors competed their pom and jazz routines on both Saturday and Sunday, where Saturday’s performances counted for thirty percent of their score and Sunday’s performances counted for the other seventy percent.  Although the Juniors earned seventh out of ten teams for their pom routine, and despite the stiff competition, only four points separated Seton from the first place team.  They also earned sixth out of seven teams for their jazz routine.  Alexis Fink, a member of the Junior Dance team said, “Even though we didn’t get first, the experience was still great and I loved spending my last time ever going to this competition with this team.  I couldn’t be more proud of our accomplishments this year.  It was a year of great learning and success.”  Mrs. Mary Beth Corey, a Spanish teacher at Seton and a proud dance mom attended both days of the competition.  “The team looked amazing,” said Corey, “Sunday’s performance was the best I have seen them do all year.  Although it is disappointing not to receive a higher ranking, the girls should be very proud of themselves.”

The Juniors are finished competing for this season and their last performance of the season will be at Celebrate Seton on March 2.

*Photo credit to Judy Lehan

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