Three Students Spend President’s Day at The Ronald McDonald House

Three Students Spend President’s Day at The Ronald McDonald House

By Sydney Schultz

Ronald McDonald in the Burbank Parade, 2008. Photo taken by Carol.

On February 7, Sister Sandy Howe sent out an all school email asking for student volunteers to work at The Ronald McDonald House on President’s Day, – Monday February 17. According to Howe, she had an overwhelming amount of responses from people who wanted to help out and do service. She even had to turn down some of the students who wanted to volunteer because she was only allowing the first eleven students who replied to her email to go. The nine seniors, one junior, and one sophomore who were selected first were to arrive at The Ronald McDonald House and check in at 8:45am on Monday, February 17. When Howe arrived at The Ronald McDonald house with several grocery bags full of food such as eggs, sausage, different types of fruit, bread, and cinnamon rolls she was surprised to find, only three senior volunteers out of the eleven showed up. This was very frustrating to her and to the three seniors because their task that morning was to cook brunch for 75 of the residents.

Although the limited number of volunteers made it was a challenge, Howe and seniors Allie Luebbering, Morgan Masminster, and Sydney Schultz quickly scrambled eggs, prepared French toast and fruit salad, and cooked up sausage links, and cinnamon rolls as fast as they could in order to have it ready for brunch at 10:30 am. They finished just in time. After cooking the food, the volunteers served it to the residents. Senior volunteer Morgan Masminster said, “It was such a rewarding experience making food for all of the residents and seeing them so grateful.” The three seniors mutually expressed that they were happy that they volunteered on their day off and were able to help sick children at The Ronald McDonald House who are being treated at Children’s Hospital.

In the future, if you sign up for a community service or volunteering activity, you need to be able to attend. Eight of the students shouldn’t have ditched the service, and not even let Sister Sandy know that they wouldn’t be able to make it. Not showing up to volunteer makes Seton look very unprofessional. Be responsible for your actions!

Sister Sandy said, “I am so grateful that many of our students volunteer in so many way in our community. I am also disheartened when the girls sign up to participate in a community service activity and then do not show up.  It is a let down to the agencies that count on us, it is a let down to do Seton High School and it is a let down to me.  This has happened more times than not this year and I don’t really understand why I just hope and pray that our Seton Saints can step it up and be responsible to their commitments.”

Thanks to those who volunteered. Other service opportunities will be emailed out by Sister Sandy.

* Photo Credit Creative Commons

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