Balloon Shop Opens Back UP!

Balloon Shop Opens Back UP!

By Kelly Gallagher


On Monday, March 3, 2014, the balloon shop will be back in action. Due to a worldwide helium shortage, the balloon shop was closed since the end of the 2012-2013 school year. Last week, teacher Clare Harris was able to get helium back for the school so Student Council can work the balloon shop. The balloon shop allows students to buy balloons for special occasions such as birthdays, sporting events, or just a buddy balloon gift from one friend to another.

Many people may be wondering how helium became a worldwide shortage. The United States is the global leader in helium production, producing about 75 percent of the world’s helium, according to NBC News. Helium is known to be stored outside of Amarillo, Texas, in the country’s Federal Helium Reserve. As abundant as helium may be, it is actually to be blamed on the government as to why there was a shortage. According to Science Magazine, “The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which manages the Federal Helium Reserve, sells off helium at below-market rates, encouraging waste and discouraging the development of new sources.” This is saying that if markets can encourage selling the helium at relatively low prices, then there is less incentive to develop it.

Helium is used for more than just party balloons; in fact, balloons are only a fraction of what it is used for. Helium is necessary for manufacturing computer chips, and medical lasers, as well as rocket engine testing and military uses.

Sophomore Taylor Frommeyer said, “I am so excited to get the balloon shop back. Although I’ve only been around it for a year, I used it all the time to get my friend’s balloons for their birthday. Also, it was awesome to get balloons when my lacrosse team was entering our tournament season or for my cross country team. I can’t wait for the balloon shop to reopen!”

The balloon shop will open at 7:20 every morning and will be open till 7:50. Student Council’s Executive Board asks as a friendly reminder that if a student wishes to purchase more than 4 balloons to please send an email to a member on the executive board the day before so we can start making the balloons earlier the next morning. The cost of a balloon is fifty cents each and ring pops are included for student’s birthdays as well. Seton hallways are soon to be brightened up with the traveling balloons attached to student’s backpacks.




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