Pass or Not?

Pass or Not?

By Alissa Allison


The weather is finally out of the negatives. We might still be in for a cold March though. Hopefully there isn’t any more snow days in the near future. Even if the snow is finished coming, there are schools who have exceeded the amount of calamity days and are in the process of figuring out a schedule to make up the missed days. On Thursday February 26 legislature passed the bill through the Ohio Senate for four extra calamity days added on to the five that are already given to schools in Ohio. This is going to help many schools who have had up to six, seven, or even eight snow days. On February 19, the Ohio House approved the bill. There was a vote of 80 to 16. Some representatives against the bill believe it will be wasting money and diminishing the student’s education, “It has to make some difference or why are we sending kids to school?  It may be a small difference, but when we see that our kids are performing sub-par, I think every hour they spend in front of the teacher is important,” explains Rep. Henne. Adding school days on the end of the year, taking away some of spring break, attending school on Saturdays, and at home work are all options instead of adding calamity days. But no one could have predicted this harsh winter and the bill passed. Ohio Governor John Kasich has supported the bill this entire time. For Seton we have built in two contingency days to the schedule for reasons like so. If there would be any more snow days Seton is required to use those two days before using the four new added calamity days.

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