Shining a Light on Slavery

Shining a Light on Slavery

By Kaylie Brown

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On Wednesday February 27, five hundred people within the Seton school building wore red X’s on their hands to raise awareness for human trafficking. Every religion class showed a YouTube video called “END IT MOVEMENT”.  After the video, everyone was welcomed to draw a red X on their hand to “shine a light on slavery” and stand up for the twenty seven million victims of trafficking. This video showed the students how slavery is still a current event and now everyone is very aware and better educated about the topic.

Senior Sydney Schultz got Seton involved with this world wide movement because of her Senior Project, which is raising awareness for human trafficking at Seton and educating others about it. Schultz said, “I wanted to do an all school activity so that people will become more involved. This is such a serious issue in the world and even in Cincinnati and people need to realize that.”

Over the school year Schultz has been participating in many service activities involving human trafficking and trying to get other Seton students involved as well. One of the activities included a group of students going to the American Red Cross for a human trafficking workshop for the day where they listened to speakers and engaged in discussions. Schultz’s ultimate goal is to bring activities to Seton to raise awareness about human trafficking and to get more people involved in ending this modern day slavery because it’s very prevalent in society and is the world’s 3rd largest criminal problem.

There is even a human trafficking awareness club lead by Schultz that meets every other Wednesday after school in Mr. Kovacic’s room. As a part of the club, students have the chance to get involved and learn more about human trafficking. So far the club has hung up posters and passed out pamphlets around the school. The club grows each meeting and everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend!

For more information contact Sydney Schultz at The video “END IT MOVEMENT” that all of the students watched in religion class can be viewed at

*Photo Credit to Sydney Schultz

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