Welcome to Development, Kellie Kammer!

Welcome to Development, Kellie Kammer!

By Ally Kampel

development pic 2

Kellie Kammer, 2006 alumni, returns to Seton as a new member in the Development office.   She is replacing Maggie Busum as Assistant to the director of Advancement.  The Development office was very excited for Busum as she welcomed her twins into the world in October.  This is not the first time Kammer has been involved at Seton.  Besides being a student, Kammer has worked on organizing Kairos, helped with Math Discovery, and coached freshman volleyball.  She has been working in the community, especially Seton, for many years.

Before coming to Seton, Kammer worked as an administrative assistant of the Coalition Drug Free Greater Cincinnati sending surveys to schools regarding drug and alcohol.  Kammer also had an internship here at Seton in the admissions office with Mrs. Marianne Ridiman from 2008 to 2011.  She also worked with past recruiter, Sarah Cranley.  Kammer attended the college of Mount St. Joseph majoring in sports management and business, and minoring in religious studies. Through Mount St. Joseph and Sisters of Charity, she was very connected with Seton and the Seton community.

Kammer has always loved the atmosphere at Seton.  She shares, “Seton has always been a huge part of my life.  I am very happy to be back to get to know the students.” Kammer shares she is very excited to meet new students and continue to contribute to the Seton community.  Coming back to Seton as the Assistant to the Director of Advancement, Kammer plans to continue to help organize events and participate in activities such as Kairos and mission trips.  Kammer plans to reconnect with the students and community of Seton.




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