Niehaus’ Storybook Season

Niehaus’ Storybook Season

By Alyssa Lyons


On Friday, February 21, Senior Lindsey Niehaus traveled to Canton, Ohio for State to swim in the 50 Yard Free and 100 Yard Back events.

After winning the southwest sectional division one meet in both the events, Niehaus was motivated to continue her streak at the district meet on February 15. Niehaus entered the meet strong dropping time in both events, even breaking records. In the 50 Yard Free, Niehaus broke the record set at 24.34 by previous teammate, Emily Hayhow ’13. Niehaus carried this enthusiasm into her 100 Yard Back, and with every lap she knew her dreams were about to come true. Dropping time again, Niehaus broke the twenty year old record set at 58.13 by Christie Rieskamp ’94. Her dreams of State were becoming a reality as she ended on the podium in seventh place in both events.

Niehaus knew that since this was her final season, it was her last time to grasp a podium spot in Canton. Training six days a week, two times a day with the Cincinnati Marlins, Niehaus felt the pressure of State. Niehaus said, “Knowing this is my last chance to accomplish some of my high school swimming goals, I feel even more pressure to make them happen.”  On Thursday, Niehaus was recognized in front of Seton students and faculty for her Canton send off. Niehaus said, “It’s great to know I have the whole support of my whole school behind me. I know while I am competing in Canton, my true fan base lies in Seton High School.”

When it came time to realize her dreams Friday morning, Niehaus put forth all her hard work to see it pay off. In the 50 Yard Free, Niehaus dropped time but ended in nineteenth place with a time of 24.32. The real pressure came to view when Niehaus competed individually for the last time in the 100 Yard Backstroke. Niehaus said, “Entering this event, and knowing this is the last time I will compete individually was definitely emotional for me.” Niehaus tied for a podium spot in eighth place, leading her into a swim off.  Short of the podium, Niehaus ended with a time of 56.73 setting her in the eleventh place spot.

Niehaus ended her storybook season with two broken records, and more goals to be set for the future. She said, “This season gave me more goals to be set for the future, I couldn’t have asked for a better end to my senior season.” Next year Lindsey will be swimming in the Division 1 Collegiate Conference, the choice of school has yet to be decided.

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