Celebrate Seton Canceled Due to Weather

Celebrate Seton Canceled Due to Weather

By Monica Lepper


Celebrate Seton is the Mom and Dad’s club only fundraiser and due to weather on Sunday March 2, it was canceled. According to Ms. Marianne Ridiman, admissions director, she believes that this is the first year for celebrate Seton to be canceled due to weather. Many people volunteer their time for this event and a lot goes into the day that it is not really possible to reschedule it. Normally all of the money raised goes to the senior breakfast, father daughter dance, faculty appreciation lunch and the cake students receive during Catholic schools week. To help recoup costs due to the cancellation, Seton did sell many items to students and staff after the fact.

The green, black and pink t-shirts have been sold all week in lunches for $8. The cookies that were supposed to be sold, were sold at lunch on Tuesday March 4 and were all bought. Many food and drink items that were going to be available at Celebrate Seton became available to Seton staff for purchase. Some of these items include hamburgers, skittles, hotdogs, pickles, candy, buns, sprite and other chips and snacks. Although Celebrate Seton was canceled, the freshman breakfast was not. There were 285 people initially registered and 203 came. After the brunch which started at 10:30 am those who wanted to stay were able to raffle on the cakes donated and play some games. Most of the people that stayed did so until about 1 pm. The Moms and Dads club was here at Seton on Tuesday, March 4 working on sending the prizes back. Most of the prizes were accepted back from the companies so not much went to waste.

Other than the volunteers such as parents, students, and teachers clearing their schedule for this day, a lot of entertainment did as well. The choir and dance teams were not able to perform like most of them would have liked. For seniors and many others, this would be their last time performing at Celebrate Seton or ever performing. Senior Megan Kelly on the varsity dance team said “We were a lot more disappointed than people realized. We had an amazing season and it sucks that we couldn’t celebrate it with our community. This is also basically our senior night and it sucks that we seniors couldn’t be celebrated. I think the worst part is knowing that I can never put on my costume again or dance with my best friends one more time.” This would have been Kelly’s last performance with her dance team before she hopefully moves onto colligate dance.

Although Celebrate Seton being cancelled is a disappointment for most Seton friends, family, staff and students, there is always next year. Let’s hope the weather isn’t a problem in 2015.

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