Lacrosse Springs back into Action




Lacrosse Springs back into Action

By Kelly Gallagher

lax pic

On Thursday, February 27, the lacrosse season began. A total of 23 girls made the varsity team, coached by Drew Burchett and Brian Gates. New changes made this year include the coaches. JV coaches from the past five years, Kelly Moellinger and Lauren Buchert, retired from coaching and have been replaced with Seton graduate Elizabeth Anderson and Mike O’Connor, father of two girls on the varsity team. O’Connor has been coaching his son in eighth grade and decided to learn about the female lacrosse game, and therefore offered to coach Seton’s JV team.

Lacrosse is a fairly new sport and is not even considered a GGCL sport for girls in Catholic schools yet. This means that girls still have to take a physical education class in order to complete requirements for graduation. Lacrosse is very similar to soccer regarding positions and the field. However in lacrosse, the player uses a stick and hard ball that needs to be caught and thrown into the goal. In order to carry the ball down the field, the player needs to cradle the ball with their stick. Cradling is the lacrosse equivalent of dribbling in basketball. A player typically cradles when they run with the ball so that an opponent can’t knock the ball out of their stick. Cradling is basically using a curling motion with your wrist to swing the ball back and forth while one runs. Passing is also critical in lacrosse. In order to get the ball down field, players need to throw it to one another because otherwise they will get exhausted running the entire field. Learning how to catch can be a struggle for many because the net of the lacrosse stick is sometimes hard to catch the ball in. Hand and eye coordination is essential in order to learn how to play lacrosse. Ground balls are another major part of lacrosse. The player needs to try to scoop up the ball while getting their stick low to the ground at a good angle to pick it up. Shooting the ball actually is the easiest part if one learns how to fake out the goalie. Coaches tell their players to do a head fake and aim high then shoot low or vice versa.

Coach Gates expressed how excited he is for the season. He said “I see a lot of potential in the team and am really excited for our goalie, Morgan Masminster, to be ranked as one of the top GGCL goalies. Although we lost a great number of skilled players last year after their graduation, I can see the whole team stepping up to work together.” Varsity plays their first game on March 27 at McAuley High School. First time varsity player, sophomore, Allison Bihl says, “I can’t wait for our first game. I am so nervous but already love my team and can’t wait to see what we will accomplish.” Best of luck to saints for their first game and to the rest of their season!


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