Pizza Delivery Guy gets 15 minutes of Fame

Pizza Delivery Guy gets 15 minutes of Fame

By Jessica Wuebbolt


Photo Credit: Washington Post

Every year the Oscars certainly do provide entertainment and spark interest among social media. This year, the 87th Oscars aired on Sunday, March 3rd with a total of 43 million viewers. This year the Oscars were sure to entertain with Ellen DeGeneres as a brilliant host, the most retweeted selfie that took Twitter by storm, an internet uproar over who won best actor, another infamous Jennifer Lawrence trip, Gravity award take over, and a pizza delivery man.

It was just an ordinary night for Edgar Martirosyan from family-owned Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria when he got the delivery call for the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. He thought he was just delivering pizza to writers at the Oscars. Sure enough, Edgar was being dragged into the spotlight in front of live TV by Ellen DeGeneres. Edgar got a one in a million chance of serving his very own pizza to some of the most famous celebrities in the world. Pizza was served to stars Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Jenifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Jared Leto, and others. DeGeneres then passed around a hat for tips and Martirosyan ended up with 1,000 dollars. Ellen presented the tip to Edgar in person during her show on Monday, March 4. Movie goer senior Catherine Tuttle comments, “I would do anything to be that pizza guy! Not only did he receive a record-breaking tip, but he also got to come face to face with so many stars! My life would have been made if I were him.”

According to one owner, business has sparked in all twenty locations in California. Edgar Martirosyan is also the franchise owner.  Five years ago he bought the Hollywood location. Since then business has boomed and publicity has risen thanks to the Oscars. In a CNN news article, Martirosyan said, “I’m thinking that’s when you say American dream, this is really the American dream.”

According to TMZ, the free advertising for the pizzeria totals around 10.8 million dollars. This is a huge success for a company who didn’t have to spend a dime on publicity. Franchiser, Aro Agakhanyan told The Wrap, “We got a lot of orders, a lot of online orders. We had over 60,000 visitors on our website in one hour; there were a lot of things happening.” So far sales have gone up 500 percent.

Not only will Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria be remembered has having the world’s largest commercially pizza available, but now the pizza that was delivered the world’s most famous stars.

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