Zumba Time

Zumba Time

By Taylor Morano


Senior Leanne Shinkle decided to undergo something completely out of her comfort zone and something she has never done before for her senior project-Zumba. Zumba is a dance fitness program created by Columbian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990’s. Routines incorporate interval training with alternating fast and slow rhythms. Shinkle heard about Zumba through her gym and in a spur of a moment decision, she decided to do it for her senior project because it was something that was new and seemed exciting.

Shinkle now takes Zumba classes with alumni Megan Hughs who is her mentor every Monday and Thursday. However that was not enough for her. Shinkle decided that she wanted to get her Zumba certification, meaning that she could become a Zumba instructor and teach her own class. After a nine hour class in Lexington, Kentucky consisting of nothing but dancing, Shinkle was awarded her Zumba certification.  The next step in Shinkle’s process is getting classes together and learning the choreography to her songs. She hopes that as soon as she gets a class together people will be interested in learning and doing something new just as she was. Shinkle is unsure of where she will be holding her classes at, but plans on continuing with Zumba as a part time job throughout her life. Shinkle says, “At first I wasn’t really into Zumba, but my training inspired me to take my certification to the next level and pursue a cutting edge class of my own and never be afraid to try anything new.”

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