Kalie Kaimann Shines at the Overture Awards

Kalie Kaimann Shines at the Overture Awards

By Ally Kampel


Junior Kalie Kaimann proudly represented Seton High School making finals at the Overture Awards.  Kaimann performed theater for the competition.  Kaimann had to sing one song and do one monologue in no longer than five minutes without music for the competition.  Kaimann exclaims, “I learned a lot from this competition, and it benefits me by getting more experience and getting my name out there. Plus I love performing, so I had a lot of fun!”

The Overture Awards is a program that recognizes and rewards high school students in the Tri-State for their achievements in the arts.  According to the Overture Awards website, the program is meant to encourage arts education and create an environment that supports training and appreciation of the arts.  The Overture Awards Scholarship Competition offers scholarships to the top solo act in creative writing, dance, vocal music, theater, visual art, and instrumental music.  The top student in each division wins a $3,500 scholarship, and eighteen finalists could win a $750 scholarship.

The regional competition took place on January 11 and the semifinals on January 17 and 18.  Kaimann moved on and passed regionals leading her to the semifinals.  With four other high school students, Kaimann made it to the finals and performed in the Jarson Kaplan Theatre at the Aronoff Center for the Arts on March 1. Although, Melissa Campbell, a sophomore at Wyoming High School, came in first place in the theatre division, Kalie was recognized for her excellence and received a $750 scholarship. Kaimann says regarding her relationship with Campbell, “We have a good relationship personally as well as professionally which is really awesome because, even though it was highly competitive, it eliminated any hatred/nastiness/jealousy and made it a friendly competition.”   Kaimann, as well as the Seton community, is very proud of her accomplishments at the Overture Awards.


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