Ceramics Goes to Funky Arts

Ceramics Goes to Funky Arts

By Molly Kraisinger

molly - ceramics

Next Friday, March 14, Mrs.Vanover’s two ceramic classes are going on a field trip to Funky Arts. They are leaving in the morning and will be gone all day long, not returning till around 2 p.m. Mrs. Vanover has been taking her classes on this field trip for the past two years, she says “It’s fun to take the students somewhere out of the classroom and be able to learn different techniques that I haven’t shown them.”

Throughout the quarter, students in ceramics have been doing a multitude of things and learning the different techniques of creating pots. Sarah Kammer said, “We have made pinch pots, coil pots, rattles, and other stuff too.” First they form the wet clay into whatever object they want, not making it too thick or it could burst in the kiln. When storing their current projects they wrap their creation in wet paper towels to keep it from drying out. When their project is done, they set it out to dry. Once it has a chalky look to it, it is put in the kiln to bake. After it’s baked they are able to paint it with the glaze however they want. It is put into the kiln once again and comes out all glossy. Kammer said, “My favorite piece I’ve made so far this year is a clay frog although the glaze didn’t turn out how I wanted it.”  The ceramics class has explored all different types of techniques to making pots, but they have never been able to try the spinning wheel. That is what the field trip is for, to introduce them to the more difficult technique of the wheel.

Kelly Gallagher was in ceramics class last year and attended the field trip to Funky Arts. When they got there they made pinch pots and learned how to give different textures on the pots. Kelly said “We had lunch break with the most amazing lasagna ever.” Finally they were able to try out the spinning wheels. Gallagher said, “It’s kind of hard on your hands. It’s spinning so fast and rubbing really hard on your hand.” Before they left, they also made vases. At the end of the day the main teacher went around and whoever cleaned up their work space the best won the teacher’s vase that he had made which, according to Gallagher, was very big and beautiful. Each student took about four different pieces home that they had made that day.

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